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Our OEM Collision Repair Certifications

Alfa Romeo Certified Collision Center in Houston
Maserati Certified Bodyshop - Helfman Collision Center
FCA US LLC Certified - Helfman Collision Center
Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network in Houston
Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center in Houston
Ford Certified Collision Network in Houston
Kia Recognized Collision Repair in Houston
GM Collision Repair Network in Houston
INFINITI-Certified Collision Repair Network in Houston
Assured Performance Certified in Houston
Certified Aluminum Repair Capable Certificate in Houston

The Helfman Collision Center and Body Shop as a Collision Repair Facility and Provider is certified in Multiple Specialties and by Multiple Manufacturers and Agencies. Please review lists and certification requirements that are critical to preserving your vehicle. These OEM requirements are here to assist consumers in identifying Certified Collision Repair Providers that meet OEM requirements to properly and safely repair the next generation of vehicles using advanced materials and technologies.

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